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( S.KAMAL Academy )

The South Indian Emperor of Competitive Exams Coaching
Since 2004

About Us

Founder Message

SK Academy is one of the reputed institutes in Chennai for Medical, Engineering competitive exams and SB/CBSE curriculum Academics Coaching.I believe that “Practice makes perfect” and we follow this in our institute.
A bunch of 20 + years of experience in the education industry. We are the first institute to implement the “Nano Technology” methodology in coaching only limited students are allowed in a batch.We concentrate more on Physics and chemistry especially on Kinematics, Laws of motion, Thermodynamics, Units & Dimension, Fluids where students struggle in problematic areas. We practice our students to do more sums in these complicated lessons and take extra care.
In chemistry Most of the students feel tough on studying Organic chemistry. We are giving individual attention to these organic and physical chemistry. It helps a dull student also to get a decent score in these subjects.Our motto is to get an individual attention to all our students.

Director’s Note:

Mrs. Malleeswari Kamal BE, LLB.

Director Academics

“No substitute for hard work”

We comprehend that it is only our quality of service. We maintain a highly reliable work force because there is “no substitute for hard work”.
Our Institute is built upon commitment to dedication. We have highly trained professional faculties to train the students.We have a clear vision about our strength and achievements while holding our shelter in better education and discipline.