Olympiads are fruitful exams that leaves every student with something to keep forever. These exams are a win-win deal for every student as students coming in first row are showered with prizes and scholarships while students coming next to achievers come to know that they can achieve more and the last comers find the inspiration to do better in next attempt. Olympiads are a way to identify the raw potential and shape it for future growth. The achievers of national Olympiads receive the opportunity to get scholarship to study and research in their respected fields as well as the glory to represent the India in International Olympiads. The Olympiads are held many times in a year as these exams are not limited to Government body. Many autonomous institutions and organizations also conduct Olympiads in different fields and appreciate students with scholarships and cash rewards.

  • National Science Olympiad (NSO) by SOF
  • International Mathematics (IMO) by SOF
  • National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) by SOF
  • International English Olympiad (IEO) by SOF
  • The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)
  • The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)
  • The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)
  • Indian National Junior Science Olympiad (INJSO)
  • The International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO)